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Heading up to the cottage this past long weekend, I was yet again struck by the beauty that we have in nature.  Also, the profound meaning and connection we can achieve by just sitting quietly and letting the world move around us.

In my daily life, I try to live as ethically and sustainably as possible. It’s a daily journey, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% there. It’s hard when daily conveniences are, well, convenient.


Though having recently partnered with Ungalli clothing, a 100% sustainable and ethical Canadian clothing company, I had a lovely moment standing on the dock wearing the softest hoodie possible, knowing that in wearing it I had not brought harm to any of the beauty around me.


Hoodie – c/o Ungalli Clothing

This hoodie was the perfect running and lounging layer around the cottage – not too heavy and ultra snuggly. Kind of perfect for a day spent swimming, laying in the sun, and warming around a campfire.




Tank Top – c/o Ungalli //  Overalls – Spell Designs  //  Necklace – Monserat de Lucca  // Sandals – ThreadSence

Ungalli has a threefold mission. First, their clothes are made from recycled material. Second, they’re made in North America under our labor laws. Third, they partner with different environmental organizations to both promote *through their designs* and to donate money from every sale.



But lest you think that these are only cottagey, camping clothes.  Let’s be clear: they totally belong in any urban fashionistas arsenal. This tee is definitely in my favorite tees list.  Not just because of the softness, but also because of the lovely uplifting message it has.  Personally, it reminds me to be present in my life daily. To embrace and feel every moment, and imprint it in memory.



Tee – c/o Ungalli  //  Pants – Jens Pirate Booty via ThreadSence  //  Necklace – Gypsy Love Store  //  Hat – Threadsence  //  Rings – Etsy, F21, and heirlooms  //  Sandals – c/o Easy Spirit

Love to you and all the lovely creatures we share our planet with. Let’s do the best we can by making conscious choices, including clothing choices whenever possible.

*this post has been brought to you in
 collaboration with Ungalli clothing*

Imagine The Queen in Sweatpants




Sweatshirt – Lululemon  //  Sweatpants – Lucky Brand  //  Shoes & Bracelet – Threadsence

I think everyone loves a comfy, cozy pair of sweatpants.  I certainly do.  If anyone, fashion blogger or editor, says they don’t wear sweatpants, know that they’re a bald faced liar.  Everyone, I mean everyone, owns a pair of sweatpants, or sweatpant-like lounge pants.  It’s a universal truth – like gravity.

I find great comfort in that too.  It kind of brings everyone down to earth a bit.  You go into a scary interview, just imagine them in sweatpants.  About to meet the President, Prime Minister, or Queen and a nervous wreck?  Imagine him/her in sweatpants.  Seriously.  All of a sudden, that person becomes less of an intimidating abstraction, and a relatable peer.

So for all of you today, here’s me relating to you.
That, and it’s a lazy day.

Happy Scary Night!

Sweatshirt – Roots  //  Bruce Lee & Zombie patches – eBay  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Tank – Smart Set  //  Boots – Call It Spring
 I interrupt the rule breakin’ schedule for Halloween.  It’s that time where we all dress up, scare one another, and pretend to be someone else.  Don’t be fooled though, these zombie hands aren’t here just for Halloween.  They’re too awesome to come out just once a year.  I love adding fun patches to otherwise simple clothing.  Like this hoodie, it was just begging for a Bruce Lee homage.  ‘Cause come on, it’s Bruce Lee and he’s awesome.  Plus, I usually wear this to train, so it’s an added bonus and incentive. 
Yeah, my nerdiness is showing again. 

That Time I Bought A Hoodie After Getting Peed On By A Lion

Hoodie – H&M in Berlin //Top – Smart Set  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Shoes – Sketchers
Baby Girl was ill the last week, so this was pretty much my uniform.  I wore this exact outfit for three days straight.  Varying only the underneath layer, and washing it after two days.  Yup, I get it.  We are only human and don’t always get to look good when our kids are ill. 
Side note:  I wore this hoodie because it makes me smile.  Because it’s the one I bought at an H&M in Berlin right after a lion peed all over my other one.  Yes, you heard it straight.  While backpacking through Europe, I got peed on by a lion and after getting cleaned up in a bathroom, I marched across and bought this here sweatshirt.  It still makes me smile and giggle every time I wear it.

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Groomed and Composed, Always

Tank – F21
Hoodie – George from Walmart
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – ModCloth
If you’re trying to be a fashion blogger, one thing to consider is photos.  Good fashion photos showcasing your best side, you in your most elegant poses, and with properly placed limbs in order to best bring out the clothing is a necessity.  
Fashion blogging is all about creating a believable portrayal of the images you see in Vogue magazine:  elegant, chic and graceful.  It’s about creating a dreamlike atmosphere.  A fantasy we all want to attain. That is why I endeavor to, at all times, present myself in the most groomed and composed manner possible. 
*In case you haven’t had a coffee yet, let me note that today’s post is brought to you by “A healthy dose of sarcasm.”*

Sloth Is Possibly The Best Sin

Hoodie & Pants – Lululemon; Tee – Delias.

New Years Day was spent recovering.  Recovering from the holidays.  I over did a lot of things in the past two weeks, not to mention New Years Eve, so the day was spent dealing with the aftermath.  I wasn’t so much hung over as headachy, crampy *from that thing, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout girls*, tired *because Drake the dog over did it too and puked in the middle of the night*, and just plain grouchy *because I’m still not over my big birthday milestone*

I most definitely was not in my finest form.  Hence, the hoodie and workout pants. And the face hidden in these pics is due to the no make-up or hair thing.  The Einstein shirt was there in the hopes that I might gleam even just a tiny bit of my lost brain cells through osmosis.  Don’t think it worked though.

I spent the day playing Civilization on my computer *as if you didn’t think I was a big enough nerd with my vast assortment of Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Buffy, Supernatural, and Firefly DVDs,* drinking lots of water, and then….*I hesitate to admit* playing Zelda the Legend of Skyward Sword on Wii. 

We’re bad parents, but it’s our Christmas holidays too.  So we’ll be back to attentive parenting within a few days.

Oh wait!  I did do something productive/redemptive!  I fixed the hem on a dress that needed lengthening and finally used my new sewing machine *I’ll show you the fruits of that labor soon*  and I went for a run!  It was a short run, just 45 minutes, but nevertheless I did one!  Did I redeem myself even just a little???

And if you’re looking for something to do, go here to see some fun shots from a shoot I did in the summer.

Quote of Today:
“Do I fly the bug thingy?”

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