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Random Sundays: Games

Games night with friends is possibly one of my favorite things to do.  You’ve got a trifecta of fun – good people, good activity, and good food.  We played Twilight Imperium – a game that takes upwards of one hour per player – so this game would’ve taken over five hours to play except that since we started late I had to leave and we had to end before it was finished.  But it was still a great night except for one thing.  Halfway through I started having stomach troubles – I didn’t know it then but I had been poisoned by the salad I had bought and eaten just before the start of the game.

That night and the following day were not at all fun to say the least.  It was a different trifecta, but let’s not go there shall we?

Hope you had a great weekend!

Guns, Games, Guys, And Gals

Monday night I met up with some friends and we pointed guns at each other.  You know, what everyone does on a Monday.  Actually, they were foam guns that are part of a robber heist game, the first of many games played that night.  Snakes & Lattes is awesome!  I get to hang out with friends, play awesome games and drink an almond milk latte!  Perfect night! What’s even better?  I won one of the games!  Boo-yah! *yes, I said it*

You know that web series I’m doing, Posthuman?  Well, we shot another episode recently.  I wasn’t in this one *you’re disappointed, I know* but I did show up on set to see what went down and grab a few behind the scenes videos and pics.  For more pictures – check out my acting site.

Games Night Is A Serious Affair!

We had a BBQ and games night with some friends yesterday.  

Baby amused herself on the patio while we cooked.

Husband danced to make Baby laugh.
Then Emily posed for me.

Once Baby went to bed, things got pretty serious as we started playing Battlestar Galactica – the board game.

Like I said, games night at our place is always a serious affair!
True Story:
The last two days Baby loves to walk over and hug Drake the Dog…
Though he’s not too keen on it since it always happens when he’s sleeping!
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