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The Unseen Friend

Dress – Stradivarius in Spain  //  Tights – F21
Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Coat – TNA
I thought it was all time you saw my winter coat.  It’s really cold here now, and the one essential is a winter coat that keeps you all nice and toasty.  This is mine.  I usually shuck it off for pictures and then dash like a mad woman for the warmth it provides. Sure it may not go with every outfit I ever wear, but at the same time, it keeps me warm on bone chilling days.  So yes, it’s always just out of view of the camera. 
Quote of Today:
“Maybe you just think that it’s awesome…but you’d be wrong.”

Embracing The Chaos

Skirt – Lovenell  //  Sweater – F21  //  Tights – HUE
Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Lustre  //  Scarf – street stand
I’ve given up I think.  The photobombing appears to be here to stay.  Even worse, every time I pull out the camera she finds a spot right in front, turns to me, and says “cheese!”  She thinks it’s all about her.  I guess that’s my fault, what with following her around with a camera since minute one.  So I’ve decided to embrace it rather than fight it.  This is my life, this is my fashion.
I guess it makes sense.  I’m not one of those immaculately put together fashionistas you see on the internet everywhere.  I don’t have every single hair perfectly in place, and I often do have toddler food on my clothes.  So it makes sense that my pictures are just as messy as me.

Quote of Today:
“Ask {Baby Girl}, apparently she can explain boy and girl parts to you.”

Fashion Blogger Photobomb

Dress – ASOS  //  Cardi – H&M  //  Boot – Feet First  //  Necklace & Bag – Ruche  //  Belt – F21 

you’re a mama who’s trying to take outfit shots, well you have to
expect that photobomb once in a while. And really, come on, what was I
thinking trying to take a close up of my bag and necklace?  That’s just
too tempting for a little one and immediately warrants investigation. So trust me, there were some pretty incredible shots planned, and some masterful close ups too.  Instead, you get a pink jacket, my weird faces, and one cute little bum!

p.s. that first really intense shot?  Yeah, that’s me staring her down as she thinks about reaching for my camera.

True Story: 
They both have poo on their feet here.  Yup.  I lead one heck of a glamorous life.

Dressember Roundup

Sweater – Old Navy  //  Shirt – hand me down  //  Dress – Lush
Tights & Belt – F21  //  Boots – Locale  //  Necklace – Ruche
One lovely reader mentioned in a comment that she has a belt like this and was looking for more ways to style it.  So here I am trying in my own limited way to help out by styling it again and maybe sparking some new ideas. Also, might I suggest checking out this post where it’s paired with a high waist skirt?  Just trying to help out in my own very small way.  
So Dressember is in full swing.  I invite you to link up your favorite post, or a roundup post, or FB/Twitter/instagram, from this first week of dresses. *but just one please*  I’m excited to see how you fared this first week, so I’ll be visiting all of you.
As always, it’s not required, but I appreciate you grabbing the button and posting it on your site or on your post to help spread the word.  Thanks very much.





Dress – Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts  //  Sweater – Jacob  //  Tights – Hansel from Basel  Shoes – ModCloth  //  Earrings & Necklace – c/o This Enchanted Pixie
This uncontrollable urge.  An urge I can’t resist, no matter how hard I seem to try.  The urge to wear something red with any of my Dear Creatures dresses.  I have two and thus far I have been unable to resist the urge.  I have to either wear a red sweater, or tight, or as in this case, red shoes.  But when red shoes are in the sale rack for $11 dollars and are brand new can you really blame me for giving in?  I can’t resist their siren song.
Quote of Today:
“I apologize for the accidental grope. It’s the car.”

Haste Makes Waste

Dress – Love Audrey  // Top – F21  //  Tights – gift  //  Bow – Ruche

The documentation of Dressember is present, but these photos were taken in such haste that frankly the color along with everything else is off.  It’s not to my satisfaction or exacting standards, and with how busy this weekend is, well I had little time to play and try to fix the colors in photoshop.  So black and white it is.

Hope you’re all having a wonderfully busy and exciting weekend like I am!

See you tomorrow!

Dressember kicks off!

Sweater – Le Chateau  //  Dress – Ruche  //  Top – hand me down
Tights – Hansel from Basel  //  Shoes – Payless  //  Belt – F21

Dressember starts today.  That’s right – a whole month of dresses!  I’m celebrating today by playing boardgames all day.  I’m sure that’s not how the other players see it, as they’re all boys who, well, dress like boys, but that’s how it stands in my mind.

How did you kick off Dressember? Link up, I’d love to see.




Dressember starts tomorrow!

I’m excited about having Dressember kick off tomorrow!  What is it you ask?  It’s where you wear a dress every day for the month of December.  Some do it for fun, some do it for the challenge of re-styling dresses for a whole month.  Some do it to raise money for charity.  I’ll be doing it mostly for fun, but also any ads sold until Dec 10th will go to charity in support of my Dressember.  *I’m not sure yet which charity, but I’ll make up my mind soon*

Also, every Saturday in December I’ll be hosting a link up for anyone who wants to showcase their Dressember and see how others are doing it.  So how to do it?  You don’t have to follow anyone, just take a pic of the dress you’re wearing everyday *iPhone pics are just fine* write a post on your blog, or post it to your Fb, or whatever, and then link it up here on Saturdays!  Easy, peasy.

Grab a button and spread the Dressember joy! Can’t wait to see all of your cool stylings!



p.s.  I take no credit for inventing Dressember, just something I discovered and am running wild with.

The Filter of The Mind

Sweater – F21  //  Top – Gentlefawn  //  Pants – Gap
Boots – Aldo  //  Necklace & Ring – Threadsence
Sort of fitting that today I wore my favorite velvet pants since I decided last minute to do Dressember!  That’s where you wear a dress everyday in December – some do it for charity and some do it for fun. I’ve decided that I’m going to do it for charity.  So on that note, any revenue from ads purchased until Dec 10th *for 50% off* will be donated to a charity.  I’m not sure yet which one.  I’m thinking either World Vision, Because I am a Girl, or Toy Mountain here in Toronto *gives needy kids a toy on Christmas*  I’ll definitely keep you posted on my choice, and in the meantime feel free to make a suggestion.  
I feel excited about this challenge, but also well, I’m not sure how difficult it’ll be.  You know, considering my rather limited *blatant hyperbole* collection of dresses.   My challenge will be choosing which dresses to feature this month.  Or maybe it’ll be ignoring all the cute skirts in my closet.  I know, I have a serious problem here folks. Serious. Problems.  I mean comparable to global warming or poverty in third world countries, right?  How will I ever cope?  
Sometimes I can’t believe the things that spew out of my mouth.  Believe me, I’m well aware of the ridiculousness that these hands are capable of writing.  But are you also aware of the ridiculousness that I think but don’t actually write?  Yes, this is after going through a filter, a rather thin one mind you, but a filter nonetheless.  Imagine what doesn’t make it through.  It boggles the mind.