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Her Go-To Poses

Dress – Mango //  Shirt – Gap  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Tights – HUE  //  Necklace – Ten Thousand Villages

These days whenever I try to take outfit shots guess who wants to run in there and ham it up for the camera?
Yup, that little pink booted girl.  She’s pretty awesome though.
Her go-to poses are the stick out tongue, the innocent smile, and the hands on hips.
She’s nailed those.

Wallis White Blazer Goes Military

Blazer – c/o Wallis   //  Top – thrifted  //  Leggings – c/o Style Lately  //  Shoes – H&M  //  Necklace & Ring – F21
I like the unexpected when it comes to sartorial tastes.  That’s why the idea of pairing a pure and classic white blazer with the grittier camo leggings really appealed to me.  Perhaps it’s just my slightly bipolar nature coming out in my fashion choices.  Who knows really?  
I’m still participating in the Wallis Summer Stylist Contest and now you can vote once per hour.   Sorry no, “Vote for me and you’ll get this or that”, I’d rather you vote for me ’cause you like my style rather than vote for me ’cause I bribed you with something.  I know I’ll probably lose, but whatevs.

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Camo Lately

Leggings – c/o Style Lately  //  Top -Vintage Havana  //  Jacket & Sunnies – F21  //  
Shoes – Biviel  //  Zebra Necklace – Lustre  //  Bird Ring – Lulus
Experimenting with leopard print has gone really well lately, so I decided to branch out even more out of my comfort zone with these cool *c/o* Style Lately camo leggings.  I’ll be honest, the idea of wearing these both excited me and made me scared.  I wasn’t sure I could pull them off.  I was scared that I’d look like some dainty little girl trying really hard to wear something ‘tough.’ But I really wanted to give it a try because I thought they’d be really cool and could add a lot of fun to my wardrobe.  Plus, as I’m a big believer of doing things that scare you, I thought, “Well, I can’t not get these now!”  

I’m so glad I did.  They’re fun and comfy and I love how it’s making me think of other pieces in my wardrobe in a totally different way.   Just goes to show that you should break out of your sartorial comfort zone every once in a while.  Bonus: something about walking down urban streets wearing camo leggings makes me feel like I could be in a Resident Evil movie taking on monsters and zombies.  But first I’d have to lose the heels.  And pack my swords.
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