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You know it may be a silly joke, one that’s been taken too far on Grey’s Anatomy,

Comfort Doesn’t Mean Being Generic or Not Stylish

Okay Okay, see when I like something I can get a little obsessed with it.

Because Sometimes I Forget

I’m so lucky – but sometimes I forget.

Dragging Horses Winter

It’s Winter. Duh! I know, the snow kind of gave it away. ┬áSo I’m sort of stating the obvious.

Bacon Everything, Bells and a Graphic Tee





Top – UO  //  Bells & Shoes – ThreadSence  //  Necklace – Lucky Brand  //  Sunnies – c/o Woodzee

A friend has this great tradition called Feast of the Swine.  On Easter, he gets people together and the menu is pork.  Various connotations, various servings – from pie, to sausages, to olives wrapped in bacon – but it’s got to be pork.  This year I attended the pork feast.  And a feast it was.

Bacon wrap grilled pineapple, and bacon wrapped olives, and also apple bacon bourbon pie.  Oh yum!  It was just yum!

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