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Summer Swishbook

It’s been busy, and I’ve been neglectful. Apologies…

Start of Summer Swishbook

It’s been a little while. But I’m trying to get back into swishbooks. So here you go…

Winter Swish

Clearly Winter is a rough season in which to record my swishbook vids. Half the time I’m freezing or running away from intense winds. So this one is all I managed to get…

November Swish

It’s that time, for another swish book. This one decidedly swings towards the reflective and melancholy as the Fall ends and Winter begins to take hold.

October Swishbook

As things slow down…so do I.

August Swishbook

This month’s swishbook has trips, water, and lots of ruffles!

Bicycle and Flea Swishbook

This swishbook includes beaches, two of them in fact, Flea markets, and of course some live music powered by bicycles.

June Swishbook

You know it, with some fun events this month, I’ve got another little swishbook for you.  And it happens to coincide with Canada Day! Enjoy this glorious land of diversity, donuts, and maple syrup.



The First Swishbook.

I’m hoping to add some more video to this here site. It’ll be some swish fashion, some life snippets, and basically whatever wanders in. I’m calling it my “Swishbook” because, well, I hope to swish through life….even through the muck.


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