Category :Parenting

Weddings and Parenting

We had a lovely lovely time celebrating our friends’ wedding.

Inevitable Sharing

Cold, means layering and sweater dresses.

Back to School

The government announced that they’re going back to school as of Monday.

To Spike or Not?

Well, we’re back to lockdown and virtual learning….and I’m back to monitoring that allllll day.

Cuddle Time

Yesterday she spent an entire hour with me lying on the couch and snuggling.

War of the Roses Walks

Hot summer days and long adventure walks by the river are back.

I’m Clearly Done

So my girl spent two months saving up $19 of her allowance – almost two months.

Birthday Messages

Since it’s a covid birthday, I’ll tell you about the little thing I organized.

Parenting Sucks

Okay, slightly exaggerating here, but not by much. Not today.

Be Easy

It’s a stressful time – for the world. If you’re worried, anxious, and frustrated, you’re not alone.

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