We went on a date to see The Empire Strips Back.

It’s a burlesque show with, you guessed it, a Star Wars theme. It was so much fun! I have no photos or video available as it was prohibited, but I can definitely say that it was so sexy and so funny and such a great night out. It was a lovely combo of sexy times, with comedy acts that just had you going, “Oh my goodness!”

Of course I had to dress on theme, but as I clearly live on the planet Hoth right now (it was -16 C out that evening) I layered up and threw on my Star Wars Winter sweater. I figured that was right on point and warm too!!

They’re here in Toronto until March, so go see it.

Top – thrifted
Skirt – H&M (bought when my skirt suddenly ripped before a meeting)
Tights – I forget
Boots – The Shoe Company