Have you seen or heard of the whole cottage-core aesthetic?

Well, it’s gone a step further into a whole medieval old-timey aesthetic. And first off, I’m not here to dictate what anyone should and shouldn’t wear – I’m here to share my thoughts and opinions. So yeah, it looks cool, but I can only see it working if you live in a village or a castle. I live in Toronto, and while T.O. Is very obliging, there’s still a sense of the city. So I can’t imagine walking down the street in a full rococo gown, with corset and bustle etc. But if you can, more power to you. Then again, I am all for the boho-rock-n-roll aesthetic so you know what? Nevermind.

Dress – Anthropologie *thrifted*
Jacket – I totally forget
Boots – Vintage
Sunnies – *thrifted*