Bit of a big day here!

We spent the morning at a museum for the Poles sent to Siberia, and the Kaszubian history museum. My Mother’s side of the family is Kaszubian – which is a subsect of Polish people. The best example I can give is like the Basque to the Spanish. There’s a unique culture, and language, and many consider it a totally distinct community. There was a simulation of a bunker attack underground that was intense and freaked my girl out as part of the museum. But she thought it was totally cool. We saw the upside down house, which gave both of us vertigo inside.

And then we went to another village museum which showed how people lived in various times past. It was a little freaky as some of the furniture could’ve been taken straight from my own Great-Grandmother’s house. I remember those tables, beds, and kitchens. It was wild! I remember the kiosks that we would get newspaper from – they no longer exist of course.

But the best was spending time with my great family. I miss them.