Last story from France. Winding our way through the Montmartre area towards Sacre Couer we stopped at an artisan shop where all the items are made by local artists.

She bought three rings with her own fund, once outside she gave me one saying, “I bought it for you.” So, of course, I had to wear my new treasure.

And on the winding path down, three men stopped us. They wanted to ‘make me a bracelet on my hand for free.’ I don’t know what the deal was – do they make it then we’re guilted into paying for it? Whatever. I wasn’t interested and didn’t stop walking, politely but firmly declining. But it was game over when one of them grabbed my forearm forcefully to push the bracelet issue. I ripped my armed out and yelled, “Do NOT touch me!”

They stepped back and we continues on. But they scared her, and that pissed me off.