Heading out to Cuba I was a little wary. Though no longer ill, I was still weak and recovering from Covid.

And, as unfortunate luck would have it circumstances conspired to make things a touch uncomfortable. My inability to eat or sleep well conspired to bring out the worst: chills, inability to eat that led to shakiness, which in turn led to motion sickness, and bouts of nausea throughout the day. It took about two days to really let my body settle. Obviously, that made sociability a little rough, but soon enough that settled.

Even still, that first day I got my dress on, got my bathing suit on, and enjoyed the ocean, a beachside nap, and everything I could within my still weak means. Certainly, when one is convalescing this is the place and company to do it in.

Dress – Camilla with Love via VSP
Sunnies – Poshmark