Eddie’s – the Grooms – family was the best.

Each and every one of them have such amazing qualities. Some were quirky, some were the life of the party, some were subtle and sarcastic, some were utterly earnest and endearing, and some were so resilient and warm. I could go on and on, but what a terrific bunch of people. I couldn’t have chosen a better group of strangers to be thrown together with. I felt truly honored – if a little shy – to have been warmly embraced by them.

But it was even more touching to see how thoroughly they, and Eddies’ friends, embraced Vic – utterly and totally.

This was on the way to one of our group dinners. Sitting together was always so much fun. Though I felt a touch reserved, I loved to listen to them all.

Dress – Steele
Shoes – Call it Spring *very old*