The night before the wedding, we all went on a lovely Catamaran sunset cruise. Because we were a large group, we got a private boat. And because tourism is really just picking up right now, we got this stunning massive luxury Catamaran just for us! Isn’t that wonderful?

The sunset of course was unsurpassed. And we could control both the volume and the quality of the music – such a fun bonus.

Then the boat led us to the Dolphinarium. And yes, I was a little torn at Dolphins kept in captivity, but it wasn’t like I could do anything right at that moment, so I sat back and enjoyed watching these beautiful and smart creatures showcase both their grace and intelligence.

And would you believe it that the whole thing was capped off with a delicious dinner in our own private dining room!

I felt so spoiled, so luxe, and so grateful for the whole experience.