This was our anniversary trip away.

Normally, we get away alone, but because of Covid we couldn’t get that as my Mom had to work, and my In-Laws are bubbled with my brother-in-law instead. So it was a family affair. I really wanted one nice meal on our anniversary on a patio in the sunset. So he called – the only open restaurant in town- made a reservation, and specified a nice patio table and that it was our anniversary. When we got there, they had given away our reserved table and instead gave us the crappy one right in the traffic path. So we left and I was so disappointed. It was LITERALLY the only thing I had really wanted from our trip. We ended up having crap food and I had a really rough time shaking it. I managed to, and we really had fun on the beach with the sunset, and had a lovely evening together after she had gone to sleep. But still, it was definitely a difficult event.

Dress – Spell via Isla Samsara