Exploring the waterfalls of Ontario is my goal, and obviously you can’t ignore the big pink elephant in the room: Niagara Falls.

The Falls is made up of those on the American side, and Horseshoe Falls which is entirely in Ontario. Currently, they are both plunging Falls, but the American side, due to the shape and rock make up will eventually become a cascading waterfall through erosion and time. Horseshoe Falls is 53 Meters high and about 671 meters along the crest.

The area is highly commercialized and, frankly, really kitschy so I personally skip that. And the only way to view the Falls up close is one of the boat tours, which are worth it. There’s nothing like being up close to the Falls and having the ‘mist’ rain down on you like a torrential thunderstorm to feel the full force of the waterfall.