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Return To My Roots


Dress – ModCloth  //  Sweater, Necklace & Belt – F21  //  Tights – Hue  //  Shoe – Clarks  
Coat – Jacob  //  Scarf – Urban Outfitters  //  Mitts – Walmart
Sometimes words come from my lips unbidden and like a honeyed sea of witty sarcasm full of revelations and various other profundities.  Other days, like today, my mind is a discombobulated mess of rhythms, thoughts, and emotions all pulling me in different directions.  So pardon my lack of eloquence as I say that:
a) It was very windy and cold, yet I felt light and warm throughout. 
b) Today I shucked my recent boho style and was drawn to the more ladylike side of my closet that has remained hidden of late.
c) I like the way a silky, satin dress feels against my skin as the wind plays with it on a cold day. 
d) Yes, I realize that by eloquently stating my lack of eloquence I am indeed proving myself a bald faced liar. 
Quote of Today:
“There’s a ferret at my feet and a parrot over my right shoulder.”

Funny Face?

Top – Jacob; Sweater & Earrings – F21; Velvet Pants – Le Chateau; Socks – Calvin Klein; Shoes – Payless.

The movie Funny Face has been on my mind, so much so that I felt compelled to echo the spirit of Audrey Hepburn from the beatnik cafe scene.  She’s such an iconic figure in terms of beauty and fashion, but what I always think about is that she broke the mold of the time. She was a former ballerina with a very boyish figure in a time when every woman was aspiring to the curves of Monroe.  Hepburn’s beauty was not in chic, she was elfish and boyish, but her appeal was undeniable.

When I consider things like fashion trends, and standards of beauty I think of her and how her confidence and unique beauty shone through despite the critiques of her contemporaries and she became an icon for generations.  So I always think that though it may not be in ‘chic’, who knows who the next Hepburn will be. 

True Story:
Last night I worked a night shift hosting Movieola, so I needed coffee. 
I stood in front of the automated espresso machine at work and pushed the ‘on’ button.  
It asked me to push another button.  I did.  And another.  And another.  
Six buttons later, I’m begging the machine to please stop messing with me and just give me my espresso! It’s so high-maintenance and demanding.  
I just want my espresso.
Pretty please?

A Great Tip For Mixing Prints

Shirt – AE; Sweater – F21; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Payless.

How much do I love the fact that I’m wearing nerdy chic with ripped jeans?  A lot!  It’s so much fun to mix styles and patterns together that “shouldn’t” go together.  Like the fact that I’m wearing a checkered shirt with a poodle sweater.  I read a great tip today in December’s Marie Claire about mixing prints: “Lay out the items that you plan to mix.  Now squint your eyes.  Each item should remain separate and distinct when examined in this way.” Isn’t that a great little tip?

I’m on set for the next three days, so I’m going to try to keep posting, but you’ll forgive me if I’m a little lax about it until Monday, right?  I’ll be sure to have lots of pictures for you to see over on my acting site.

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Give someone you care about a great big hug!

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