Dress – UO
Sandals – Ruche
Necklace – bought in Montreal
Ring – Lulus

If you’ve been around for a while you may know that I’m a total scardy-cat.  Honestly, I jump at everything and have a total suspension of disbelief so that I believe everything I see.  If Andrew is going away on a business trip I have to stop watching certain shows a week in advance so that the fear won’t be fresh in my mind.  And I’m not talking about The Walking Dead, I’m talking about Doctor Who.  Yup, the new campy, and sometimes scary Doctor Who.  
Yes, I go to bed afraid that giant farting monsters disguised as people might get me in my sleep.  
But on my behalf, “Blink“, with the weeping Angels, was terrifying!  I screamed a few times during that episode. 
I also screamed while watching the clip I linked to here. 
Told you.
Quote of Today:
“Don’t mind the little girl yelps. That’s just me.”