Want a power trip?  Become a parent.

As parents we have the ultimate power in our hands, that of shaping another human being’s entire being.  It’s a great power, but also a scary one.  I often wonder about how to help my Baby Girl become the most full woman she can possibly be, without the hangups that I seem to carry with me.  This article was good to read about the 5 Powerful things you can say to your child.  Here’s the Coles Notes:

1. “I like you” – ‘I love you’ is unconditional,  ‘I like you’ means I like who your are.
2. “Tell Me More” – Don’t settle for a ‘fine’ ask for more.  Show interest and that you’re listening.
3. “You’re a Fast Learner” – “Smart” equates intelligence, “fast learner” implies the willingness to work hard.  It’s about the effort when faced with a challenge, not the result.
4. “We All Make Mistakes” –  Our children fear not living up to our expectations, share your own mistakes and help them relax about theirs.
5. “Let’s Read” – A good alternative to “let’s play catch” et al. that emphasizes learning and intelligence.

Things to think about as we all go through our days.
What this makes me really think about is how good a job I do leading by example.  Do I show interest, do I work hard, and do I emphasize learning in myself?  We are our children’s primary role models after all. so what am I showing her?