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What Rules!?: Loose Woman

Pants – Skies Are Blue  //  Shirt – Gap  //  Sweater – Jana  //  Shoes – H&M  //  Necklace and earrings – old and I forget
There was this old belief in the 50s that you if you wore high heels with cropped pants you had loose morals.  So, one rule for ladies was that you never did so.  Today, this clearly loose woman *what with the Husband and child* is breaking the rule of wearing cropped pants with high heels.  
Except that for some reason my cropped pants look like full length pants in these shots.  Perhaps it was the fact that I was hunching and withdrawn as the icy wind blew in my face? Made me about 4 inches shorter.  
And I’d like to mentioned that I had an audience of six while taking these shots – construction workers that are tearing up our street gave me more than a few eyebrows, from under their hats and big parkas, as they watched the crazy lady with her tripod.
So maybe I’m not loose, just weird?  
I’m okay with that.  
Next week, I’ll be mixing leopard with plaid.  So if you want to do that, feel free and leave your link in the comments of next weeks post.

Certain Trends…

Top – thrifted //  Pants – Season. Js  //  Shoes – ModCloth  //  Hat – unknown brand  //  Sunnies & Necklace – F21  //  Bracelet – H&M
…come along and you wonder why?  Or you just figure you’ll pass on this one.  Then sometimes, other trends come by and you wonder how you ever survived without them.  The pajama pants trend is one of those for me.  Clearly.
Wearing pants that look like they’re more suited to the bedroom than outdoors is perhaps one of the best things.  There’s something exposing about it, and yet utterly comfortable *especially these uber soft and silky ones* as they are the most comfortable things ever.  I like it a bit because it throws off my equilibrium by throwing things outside their acceptable constructs.  

Pajama Pants Trend

Top – thrifted //  Shorts, Necklace, & Sunnies – F21  //  Flip Flops – Abercrombie&Fitch  //  Hat – unknown label

Believe me, I never thought that I’d be wearing something that looks like pajama pants outside the house.  But this latest pajama pants/shorts trend is the perfect thing for a really hot and humid day in Toronto.  And I think the key is to dress them up but still keep it all laid back.  At least that’s what I tell myself as I leave the house in what is basically silk boxers.

Also side note:  fresh cut grass is irresistible for dogs to roll around in. 

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