You can’t see but my nails are a pretty ballerina pink!

Cardi & Belt – Zara; Dress – H&M; Tank – ??; Shoes – Payless.

Sorry, but my hair is wet and unstyled in these shots!  I had to head out and I needed to take pics ’cause I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to later.  So that’s my excuse.  Lame, I know.  But there it is. 

Don’t you hate summer colds?  It’s warm and nice outside *well, maybe not today* and you’re stuffed up and headachy.  Kinda sucks.   Well, that’s where the whole Fam is today.  Yup, we’re all sick.  Well, maybe not Drake the Dog, but he eats poop so he probably has the immunity of a cockroach. 

I’ve got an activity planned for Husband and I.  It’s something that I’m instituting and I’ll tell you about it once he knows.  It’s only fair that he should hear it first.  So you’ll just have to check back. 

Also, check out what a professional *not really, but that’s the funny part* I am on set here.

Okay, this post is random and all over the place, but that’s just where my head is at today.  can’t think straight or in coherent ideas and transitions.

So I’m gonna go eat gluten-free pizza. 
*yes, I’m just that wild ‘n crazy*

K. Bye.