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Review: Irresistible Me 8-in-1 Curler


“Me review a hair product?!? Are you kidding me?”

That was my reaction when the folks over at Irresistible Me first reached out to me. But then I thought about it, and really, yeah I think I’m kind of the perfect person to do it. Why? Because I’m a regular woman with less than regular woman aptitude for hair.

Despite the hair tutorials I’ve posted and done, I’m not very adept with hair. If you notice all my hair tutorials are for super easy, super fast hair styles. Nothing complicated or too time consuming. So yeah, after some thinking I came to the conclusion that if I can use this, then anyone can use this.

So here it goes.


First off, the whole thing comes in this awesome box, and when you take it out it’s this roll up kit that looks like it’s got some super cool safe cracking tools inside. You know, all cat burglar stuff. I felt like I should change into an all black skin, tight outfit and do some cool ninja tricks too.

I decided to use the pearl wand. For people like me who had to google it, it’s the one that looks like it has four little balls. I wanted messy curls with all different sizes and not too much uniformity.

I started with clean, dry hair like the instructions say. Psssh!! Yeah. No. My hair was about three days old *I shampoo it about once every five days*

The whole thing heated up in twenty seconds. It was ready to use super fast. As I got going, the temperature kept fluctuating, and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. But after fiddling a bit, I figured it out. If you hold down the left button, it controls when the iron automatically shuts off. It was set at 60, and once I turned it down to 00, there were no more temperature fluctuations and it remained constant.  Don’t know what I did exactly, but it worked.

So I started curling. Very precisely, taking exact sections. I did not at all haphazardly grab pieces of hair and curl them randomly without thinking about it. Neeeevvver! *That was sarcasm, in case you missed it*

It took a while, ’cause well, look at how much hair I have.  But the result was this:

I really like it. I like the fact that someone as inept, and not at all precise when it comes to hair, as me can easily turn it on and get some pretty freakin’ awesome results.  I did put some product in my hair before I started to help the curls keep. And boy did they keep!  Two days later it was still looking great.

I’m really excited that I won’t have to buy any other curler. I mean the Irresistible Me 8-in-1 curler has eight attachments and so the curls I can get are as diverse as anything I can imagine. I can totally see this being a big hit with stylists as they can adjust to any client needs.

But for a woman like me who doesn’t like to put too much thought into her hair, this is awesome. I don’t have to focus, I don’t have to be an expert, and the wand does everything for me. Sweet!

Christmas lists anyone?

*this post has been brought to you 
in collaboration with Irresistible 
Me. All opinions are my own,
 ’cause I’m a brutally honest sarcastic dame*

To Bang Or Not To Bang

Top – H&M; Sweater – F21; Scarf – somewhere in Europe; Jeans – Guess; Shoes – Payless.

I flip flop back and forth as to whether I should keep my bangs or not. Granted, I’m very happy that this is my biggest concern right now.  So yesterday, I chop, chop, chopped them off! This is what I do, I grow them out and chop them off, always in the midst of indecision.

Do you guys have a things like that?

And speaking of bangs, I’ve decided that I’m not going to give Baby bangs.  My mama always did that whole bowl haircut thing, and though I know it was the easy choice and I totally understand that now that I’m a mama, I always hated the bangs.  Straight across and blunt cut.  Ugh!  Gives me shivers just thinking about those grade school pics right now.  So I’m going to try to persevere and resist the temptation to cut and give her bangs too.

First, she has to grow some hair though.  The little baldy has hair on the top and back, makin’ an awesome mohawk, but she’s seriously lacking some side coverage.

p.s.  I’m not crazy about this outfit, but my commitment to you guys is honesty, so in that vein I was obliged to show you what I wore. 

 *Are you as excited for True Stories and Quote Of Today to come back as I am?  Well, just a few more days until December.  I’ve got some goodies for you!*

Totally Forgot About The Hair

Bow – Ruche.

I just realized that I showed you the outfit I wore, but I totally forgot to show you the hair!  Here’s how I wore it, and if you want to do it yourself check out my video here.

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