You love your babe, so consider giving them chocolate that’s not made through the use of child slave labor. 

Here’s an article for you to read as you eat your Easter Bunny.  The average American eats 11 pounds of chocolate a year, that’s a lot of child slavery if you’re not careful.  Make sure you know where your chocolate is coming from and how it was made, or your little ones will be delighting at another little one’s expense.

Here’s the Coles Notes version:
1. Organic is nearly foolproof for no child labor.
2. Consider the orgin.  Africa?  Almost gauranteed child labor. South America and Asia – much less chance it is from child labor.
3. Look at the Label for Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance – two agencies that ensure no child labor and equitable conditions.
4. If possible, get local chocolate from someone who buys direct from the growers.
5. Develop a taste for the good stuff – not the cheap crap that’s almost always made to cut corners.

Be aware. Be conscious.

This Easter and every day, show a little love for all the children in the world by making sure your pleasure isn’t because of their pain.  Children should play, not toil.