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Whatever You Like To Do, Even Punch Things





Wrap Top – c/o YogaOutlet  //  Pants –  L’atiste  //  Tank – H&M  //  Necklace – Homegrown Boutique  //  Sunnies – Lace Affair  //  Shoes – Threadsence

You guys all know by now that I’m not a Yoga practitioner. It’s just not my thing.  But I do love a good yoga inspired top, and not just for daily life, but also for my Kung Fu and Tai Chi training times.  This top from YogaOutlet is awesome.  I love the soft muted feminine colors and the stretch and flexibility of the material.  It feels like a cross between ballerina and yoga, but I’m gonna use it to look chic, kill 10Ks, and kick ass.

Of course, this particular day I wore it as part of a relaxing outfit for a day spent lounging and mucking about on my computer.  Which, as we all know, yoga wear is perfect for!

So I suggest checking out YogaOutlet to find those pieces for whatever you enjoy doing, be it dancing, stretching, punching, or doing jigsaw puzzles.

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On A Steel Horse I Ride

Jacket & Pants – Zara//  Top  – Calvin Klein  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace – Threadsence
Leather, or rather pleather, pants are possibly the greatest thing ever.  I love that with modern tech they are stretchy enough for full range of movement.  One day I saw these.  The second I put them on I felt like Bon Jovi about to go out and sing “Wanted Dead or Alive” before heading out on my motorcycle. *’Cause that’s what Bon Jovi always does in my head*  So of course, I was sold.
And here I am breaking more of my own rules by wearing two major pieces of an outfit – jacket and pants – from the same store.  But hey, rules are made to be broken right.  That’s what Bon Jovi and I are all about. 

This is How We Roll…or How A Toddler Saved Her Dad

Pants –  L’Atiste via Threadsence //  Jacket & Sunnies – F21  //  Shirt – Gap  //  Shoes – Aldo  //  Necklace – c/o Atterley Road
Andrew made a mess of the counter and walked away.  I walked up to said counter, looked at it, and turned to him, “Really?  Is this how we roll in this house?”  From the peanut gallery on the couch came a little girl voice, “No Mama!  I show ya.”
She got on the floor on her back and proceeded to barrel roll down the length of the kitchen saying, “Look!  This is how you roll Mama.  See?” 
I looked at Andrew and said, “You realize she just saved your butt, right?”
Side note:  these palazzo pants are so amazing.  I think other than pleather pants, palazzo pants are my other love.

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