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As I said, it wasn’t all fun and games. On one of the days, we went to the cemetery, to clean up the graves of our family.

The Lake

Let me tell you about the lake.

Round the Lake and Equipment?

On this day we decided to go around the whole lake. It’s a big undertaking and takes a few hours.

Late Afternoon

I can’t imagine anything better than the late afternoon sun on you and the sound of crickets.

Shut Down

It was sad to see how much had shut down, how much had been abandoned.

Not Lost

What was weird is that I didn’t spend that much time here I’ve spent most of my life in Canada, but these paths were so familiar and I knew I couldn’t get lost.

Is it Still There?

Regardless of what our plans were, at some point every day we make it a point to go to the lake to make sure it’s still there.

Winding Paths

Sometimes that path would end up leading us to one of the lakes surrounding us.

Starting to Walk

On the very first day I picked a direction for the day.

Checking in on Things

Koczala marked the beginning of some lazy days. Days spent walking – a lot – running errands for my Babcia.

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