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Morning Gorge

Morning gorge hike. This meant that as always we didn’t take the official trail, but headed in, saw some great sites, some people tubing the rapids, and then had to climb out and hop a fence to get back on the trail.

Elora Gorge Quarry

Destination: Elora. First Stop: The Quarry.

Cheltenham Badlands

Here the medina shale is left exposed and creates this dramatic landscape void of vegetation right in the heart of lush Ontario.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Ontario has many lovely unspoiled parks. Parks that are not too civilized.

Scout Valley Loop Trail

About ten minutes outside Orillia proper is Scout Valley Loop trail. It’s an easy trail, and if you do the outside loop totals about 6km, but it’s a lovely walk in the woods that hides the fact you’re surrounded by city and highway.

Niagara River

Start where you want, and drive all the way to the other end.

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park and Cataract Falls

Tons of room to hike, horseback ride, or cycle. A waterfall to see and tons of apples growing wild on trees.

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