You’re going to Stratford, Ontario. It’s going to be awesome. Here are a few things that I recommend.

1. Go to a Play, Obviously.

Stratford is famous for its Shakespeare Festival. But that’s not all there is on offer. The season always includes something other than Shakespeare and also something for kids. So whatever your cup of tea, a play is definitely a must.

2. Have Coffee at The Livery Yard (104 Downie St)

Delicious coffee, and great pastries. Need I say more, really? Okay, fun atmosphere and cute little sidewalk tables.

3. Walk through Shakespeare Gardens (5 Huron St)

So pretty, and also houses a whole variety of blooms. Some of the views are straight out of a fairytale.

4. Eat at Revival House (70 Brunswick St)

And Preferably on the patio. The patio is a bloom paradise. The inside is fantastic too: it’s a restored church and has all the charm and grandiosity of such. But also, the patio during lunch is great and much more affordable.

5. Enjoy the Charming Streets

The main streets have all the shops and cafes, but the side streets have some fun places to see too, and then even further off the beaten track are the cool houses to look at.

6. Walk the Gardens in Front and Behind the Festival Theatre (55 Queen St)

Stratford has many theatres, but the Festival Theatre right on the lake has a gorgeous garden right in front of the steps. But behind it there is a lovely park with blooms and a lovely waterfall. Definitely worth a gander.

7. Go Around the Lake

The walk is lovely and picturesque and you see the views of the lake, coupled with the different neighborhoods of the houses along the lake.

8. See a movie at the World’s Smallest Theatre (62 Wellington St)

I mean it’s tiny, and there’s a lounge table in the front.

9. Visit Chocolate Barr’s (55 George St W)

This place is an institution! It’s been in Stratford for over 20 years and their specialty is the mint chocolate. But my personal favorite are the Whiskey Truffle and the Chili Pepper Truffle. It is spicy! The owner is very welcoming and will happily talk chocolate with you for an extended period. It’s wonderful.

10. Go to the Sunday Morning Market in the Square

There’s meat, cheese, pastries, bread, and a whole host of other treats. I may or may not be eating a sourdough focaccia covered in olive oil with tons of herbs and spices and sea salt on it.

Bonus: Go to the Junction Distillery and the Jobside Brewery Right Beside It (45 Cambria St)

No pictures here cause I totally forgot I got so into the experience, and it’s a bit off the beaten track. But the gin in the Distillery is spectacular. I bought a few bottles. And then right on the other side of the building is a brewery that has delicious offerings as well. We ended up eavesdropping on some older local gents telling embarrassing stories and they saw us laughing and involved us in their conversation. It was great.